Moving from Jekyll to WordPress

This post is also available in german.

The last years I’d been using Jekyll to manage my blog. Jekyll is a static site generator: There’s no special software running on the webserver. Instead I’m using a software (Jekyll) on my local computer to convert a bunch of source files into the HTML files that make up this blog. In the end I just get a folder full of files I have to upload to my webserver.

This has the advantage of being extremely simple work for my webserver. No pages have to be created and rendered for users, I don’t need to have a database and stuff. Only a static HTML file to deliver to the visitor. I don’t even have to worry about security flaws, since there is no extra software running that could have security flaws.

But it also has its disadvantages. Mainly that it’s not that simple to write a blog post “on the go”. I need all my source files on a computer that’s having Jekyll installed. Using my smartphone is entirely out of the question. In WordPress on the other hand I can just visit the admin panel, open the editor and type away. And my argument about security flaws doesn’t really count since I already have an instance of WordPress running on my server to serve my podcast Nerd, Nerd, Nerd & Uli.

As the decision to move back from Jekyll to WordPress was made, I started looking for a converter for this process. I didn’t just want to leave all my old posts behind and start anew. But I couldn’t find anything useful. So I built my own solution.

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